Jenny Ifft

Agricultural policy, crop insurance, non-traditional finance

Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
Flinchbaugh Agricultural Policy Chair
Kansas State University

331J Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Manhattan , KS  66506
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Farm Policy in the 2000s

Jenny Ifft, K-State agriculture policy specialist, discusses agriculture policy and the food and farm bill in the 2000s. 

July 11, 2023
Farm Financial Crisis

Jenny Ifft, K-State agriculture policy specialist, continues the show with history about agriculture policy and the farm bill. She talks about the 1980s farm financial crisis and freedom to farm. 

July 5, 2023
Farm Bill in the 1960s and 1970s

Beginning today’s show is Jenny Ifft, K-State agricultural policy specialist, with history about the farm bill and agriculture during the 1960s and ‘70s. She explains the great grain robbery and government cheese during this time.

June 27, 2023
Annual Forage Insurance

Jenny Ifft provides information about annual forage insurance. She says there were 135,000 Kansas acres enrolled in it last year.

June 22, 2023
Farm Bill During the Eisenhower Administration

Jenny Ifft, K-State agriculture policy specialist, continues sharing information about the Farm Bill. She discusses the time period during the Eisenhower administration.

June 20, 2023
Annual Forage Insurance - New Policy Options and 2022 Performance June 16, 2023
Farm Bill During the Great Depression

Jenny Ifft, K-State policy specialist, provides information about the farm bill during the Great Depression. Throughout that time period the role of the government shifted.

June 13, 2023
Before the First Farm Bill

Jenny Ifft, K-State policy specialist, starts today’s show with her first Farm Bill segment discussing what the Farm Bill is and life and agriculture before it. 

June 6, 2023
Understanding the Farm Bill

We continue today’s show with K-State policy specialist Jenny Ifft as she provides a brief overview of the Farm Bill and discusses the upcoming K-State Farm Bill panel taking place at the Stanley Stout Center on May 2nd from 1:30 to 2:45 pm.

April 27, 2023
2023 Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) and Enhanced Coverage Option (ECO) Payment Calculator

This calculator will show SCO and ECO payments based on final county yields and harvest price for a farmer's underlying crop insurance contract.

March 6, 2023