Kansas Farm Management Association

Building Strong Relationships...Producing Excellence

With more than 80 years of experience serving producers, the Kansas Farm Management Association (KFMA) maintains a long term commitment to Kansas agriculture. Twenty-four KFMA economists, who are part of the Department of Agricultural Economics, comprise the professional staff of the KFMA program. The economists work cooperatively with farm families to provide members with production and financial management information for use in decision making.

The primary goal of the KFMA program is to provide each member with information that can be used to help make farm and family decisions. KFMA Economists assist producers by providing the following information and services:

  • Sound farm accounting systems
  • On-farm visits
  • Accrual basis whole-farm and enterprise analysis
  • Financial benchmarks for comparing performance with similar farms
  • Year-end tax planning and management
  • Integrated tax planning, marketing and asset investment strategies
  • Assistance with estate planning and farm succession planning
  • Guidance for business entity and structure planning
  • Improved decision making

The Kansas Farm Management Association Program is organized into six regional associations.  The K-MAR -105 Association serves as the central information processing unit for the six Associations.  K-MAR-105 maintains data banks that are used extensively for Agricultural Economics Research and Extension activities.