Brian Coffey

Assistant Professor

Documents & Presentations by Brian Coffey
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Assessing the Cattle Contracts Library and Fed Cattle Market Transparency April 16, 2024
Risk Management Using Options on Futures and LRP October 1, 2023
Current Livestock and Meat Issues October 1, 2023
Current Issues in the Livestock and Meat Sectors October 1, 2022
Hedonic Modeling to Facilitate Price Reporting and Fed Cattle Market Transparency

Published in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (AAEP). 

September 19, 2022
Current Livestock and Meat Issues


August 1, 2022
4B - Current Livestock and Meat Issues August 1, 2022
Hedging 101 - Price Risk Management for Cow-Calf Producers - Part 3 February 18, 2022
Cattle Marketing and Price Discovery

K-State agricultural economists Ted Schroeder, Brian Coffey and Glynn Tonsor discuss their just-released analysis of price discovery in the cattle markets, which was commissioned by the USDA: this in-depth study looked at the impacts of formula marketing agreements as they have evolved over the past two decades, as compared to the cash negotiated cattle trade. They came up with a set of recommendations on improving the flow of price information to cattle producers and throughout the beef production and marketing chain. 

September 21, 2021
Cattle Feeder and Beef Packer Tradeoffs Across Live Cattle Marketing Methods September 20, 2021