Jenny Ifft

Agricultural policy, crop insurance, non-traditional finance

Associate Professor & Extension Specialist
Flinchbaugh Agricultural Policy Chair
Kansas State University

331J Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Place
Manhattan , KS  66506
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A Growth in Non-Traditional Agricultural Financing Sources

Three features this week on non-traditional agricultural financing, and its rising prominence in the agricultural lending field.

1) K-State risk management specialist Jenny Ifft and Purdue University agricultural economist Brady Brewer talk about the various sources of non-traditional financing and the degree to which they're claiming a greater share of the agriculture credit market.

2) Based on a series of studies recently conducted by a team of agricultural economists from several leading land-grant universities, K-State risk management specialist Jenny Ifft is joined by agricultural economists Brady Brewer of Purdue and Brian Briggeman of K-State for a look at the likely impact of current economic inflation and rising interest rates on the supply and demand for non-traditional farm loans.

3) The final segment of this week's series on the growth in non-traditional agricultural financing, based on a new report put together by a team of land-grant university agricultural economists:  this time, K-State's Jenny Ifft is joined by Bruce Ahrendsen of the University of Arkansas, as he outlines his study of how non-traditional finance relates to USDA farm loan defaults...and Will Secor of the University of Georgia shares his research on where non-traditional creditors land in the pecking order when it comes to debt repayments in Chapter 12 farm bankruptcy cases.

May 13, 2022
Summary: Special Issue of the Agricultural Finance Review on Nontraditional Credit in U.S. Agriculture May 6, 2022
Price Risk Management for Cow-Calf Producers - Entire Series

Includes all nine parts of the series. 

April 22, 2022
Livestock Risk Protection-Historic Performance Price Risk Management for Cow-Calf Producers: Part 9 April 15, 2022
Historic Performance of Livestock Risk Protection (LRP)
Historic Performance of January EndorsementsView
Historic Performance of February EndorsementsView
Historic Performance of March EndorsementsView
Historic Performance of April EndorsementsView
April 15, 2022
Risk Price Management for Cow-Calf Producers

K-State risk management economist Jenny Ifft talks about fitting Livestock Risk Protection insurance into the overall herd economic management approach. 

March 28, 2022
Livestock Risk Protection - Management Considerations Price Risk Management for Cow-Calf Producers - Part 8 March 25, 2022
Livestock Risk Protection Insurance

K-State risk management economist Jenny Ifft continues her series on price risk management for cow-calf operations, looking more closely at implementing Livestock Risk Protection insurance, and some of the unique aspects of enrolling in that coverage.

March 21, 2022
Livestock Risk Protection - Important Policy Details - Price Risk Management for Cow-Calf Producers - Part 7 March 18, 2022
Livestock Risk Protection-Payouts - Price Risk Management for Cow-Calf Producers - Part 6 March 11, 2022