Financial Management

Title Author Date Downloads
Summary: Special Issue of the Agricultural Finance Review on Nontraditional Credit in U.S. Agriculture May 6, 2022
Persistence in Financial Performance January 11, 2021
Summary of Health Care Costs on Kansas Farm Management Association Farms 2010-2019 October 19, 2020
The Changing Farm Debt Situation December 19, 2019
Persistence in Financial Performance August 28, 2018
Do Farms with a Higher Percentage of Debt Capital Pay Higher Interest Rates? June 8, 2018
Comparing Interest Rates Paid by Farmers April 10, 2018
Estimating Tax Liability Using Stepped Up Basis November 30, 2017
Agricultural Lending by Commercial Banks May 15, 2017
Finding Ways to Save on Production Costs by Analyzing Enterprise Budgets March 30, 2017
Keeping Quality Records and Evaluating Cow Herd Performance March 30, 2017
Top 10 Considerations for Navigating a Struggling Farm Economy March 30, 2017
Income Tax Aspects and Consequences of Financial Distress Transactions December 1, 2016
Management Factors: What is Important, Costs, Yields, Prices, or Production Practices? June 20, 2016
The Debt Asset Ratio: What is Too High? April 22, 2016
Debt Financing in Agriculture - Is There a Problem? April 6, 2016
Net Farm Income and Loan Defaults March 9, 2016
Feed Costs: Pasture vs Non Pasture Costs: An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow Calf Enterprise December 17, 2015