Roger McEowen

Agricultural Law and Taxation

Roger McEowen is the Kansas Farm Bureau Professor of Agricultural Law and Taxation, Washburn University School of Law, Topeka, KS. 

Roger focuses on legal and tax issues that agricultural producers, agricultural businesses, and rural landowners face.  He teaches an undergraduate course in agricultural law at Kansas State University in addition to agricultural law and tax courses at the law school.  His website, contains much information on ag law and tax topics and provides access to his “Agricultural Law and Taxation” blog.

Washburn University School of Law
1700 SW College Avenue
Topeka , KS
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Documents & Presentations by Roger McEowen
Title Date Downloads
Adverse Possession and a Fence of Convenience March 20, 2023
Double Fractions in Oil and Gas Conveyances and Leases - Resulting Interpretive Issues March 20, 2023
Happenings in Agricultural Law and Tax March 20, 2023
Agricultural Law Update

Roger McEowen joins us to start today’s show with an agricultural law update. He shares insight on cases where failure to pay taxes on property (homes, ranches, farms, etc.) end with the government selling and keeping the profits of the entire equity of their land. He lists the states with the greatest risk of these cases and the current case from Minnesota set before the U.S. Supreme Court.

March 15, 2023
Equity “Theft” - Can I Lose the Equity in My Farm for Failure to Pay Property Taxes? March 6, 2023
Chapter 12 Bankruptcy – Proposing a Reorganization Plan in Good Faith February 23, 2023
Deducting Residual (Excess) Soil Fertility February 23, 2023
Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land February 23, 2023
Priority Among Competing Security Interests February 23, 2023
Failure to Execute a Written Lease Leads to a Lawsuit and Improper Use of SBA Loan Funds February 6, 2023