Robin Reid

Farm Management, Production Economics

Extension Associate
Kansas State University

Robin Reid is an Extension Farm Economist with the Agricultural Economics Department at Kansas State University and serves as the Ag. and Natural Resources Program Leader for all of K-State Research and Extension.  Robin works on a variety of economic topics including farm financial management, Women in Ag. programming, Farm Bill, and much more. Robin also helps manage the website and works with Extension Agents across the state to put on extension programs. Robin grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and earned a B.S. in Agricultural Business from UW-River Falls.  She also holds a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from K-State.


303A Waters Hall
Manhattan , KS  66506-4011
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Documents & Presentations by Robin Reid
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Final Ruling on Historical Irrigated Percentage for the ARC-County Program February 23, 2015
Beef Budgets

Cow-Calf, Background, Stocker, Finishing

January 1, 2015

Cow-Milking-Raised Replacements, Cow-Milking-Purchased Replacements, Replacement Heifers

January 1, 2015
Master List of Prices Used in Livestock Budgets January 1, 2015

Farrow-Finish, Farrow-Wean, Wean-Finish, Nursery, Finishing

January 1, 2015
2014 Farm Bill Decision-Making Steps December 2, 2014
Beef Cow-Calf Enterprise MF-266 January 1, 2014
Dairy Enterprise: 100 Lactating Cows (Freestall) MF-272 January 1, 2014
Dairy Enterprise: 2400 Lactating Cows (Drylot) MF-2540 January 1, 2014
Dairy Enterprise: 2400 Lactating Cows (Freestall) MF-2442 January 1, 2014