Robin Reid

Farm Management, Production Economics

Extension Associate
Kansas State University

Robin Reid is an Extension Farm Economist with the Agricultural Economics Department at Kansas State University. Robin works on a variety of economic topics including farm financial management, Women in Ag. programming, Farm Bill, and much more. Robin also helps manage the website and works with Extension Agents across the state to put on extension programs. Robin grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and earned a B.S. in Agricultural Business from UW-River Falls.  She also holds a M.S. in Agricultural Economics from K-State.


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Manhattan , KS  66506-4011
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Kansas Women in Ag

K-State farm financial analyst, Lavell Winsor, speaks about the work she and Robin Reid have done to create the Kansas Women in Ag program, which has allowed women to not only learn about finances on the farm but also to connect with others in their communities. 

July 26, 2022
Livestock Forage Availability Items

K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid talks about two topics related to livestock forage availability, both of which she has now highlighted on the web site:  the USDA's Livestock Forage Disaster Program, which provides payments to qualified livestock producers whose forage resources have been decimated by drought...and a new hay inventory calculator tool that she has put together for producers to gauge their expected cow herd forage needs and hay availability.

May 26, 2022
Hay Inventory Calculator

This tool helps assess how much hay will be needed for the cowherd and then how much hay is available based on inventory on-hand and expected tonnage to be bailed.

May 18, 2022
Information on the Prevent Plant Option for Row Crops

00:01:00 – Information on the Prevent Plant Option for Row Crops: Agricultural economist Robin Reid and crop production specialist Lucas Haag of K-State discuss considerations for taking the "prevent plant" option for row crops under crop insurance coverage because of ongoing drought: they talk about the agronomic factors to be weighed, and compare the economics of exercising this option to those of going ahead and planting the crop with the prospect of high market prices ahead.

00:12:00 – K-State Has a Spreadsheet for Running the Numbers on the Prevent Plant Option: Agricultural economist Robin Reid and crop production specialist Lucas Haag of K-State discuss a special K-State spreadsheet producers can use to work up the numbers for their specific crop production situation.

May 4, 2022
K-State Farm Management Courses

K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid has the details on two new K-State on-line courses for farmers and ranchers that cover economic risk management and farm financial management...these can be completed at one's own pace, and will provide information that can be immediately applied to one's operation, based on case study exercises. 

April 21, 2022
Determining Cost of Production for Cow/Calf Producers

Presented to Women in Agriculture statewide virtual meetings. 

February 24, 2022
Kansas Farmland Values Report

K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid announces that the new Kansas Land Values Book from K-State is now out:  based on actual land sales data, this annual report is a thorough portrayal of Kansas farm and ranch land value trends at the county, region and state levels...she goes over the land sales volumes and average prices paid for agricultural ground in 2021.

February 23, 2022
Kansas Land Values Book 2021

Detailed 2021 land sale information and trends at state, regional and county levels.

February 18, 2022
ARC or PLC? That is the Question January 18, 2022
ARC-PLC Selection Tool

K-State agricultural economist Robin Reid reports on her updated analysis of the returns to participating in either the Agricultural Risk Coverage or Price Loss Coverage programs on grain production here in 2022...the deadline for making any changes in one's ARC/PLC selection is March 15th, and she highlights the on-line tool she has created for producers to size up that choice.

January 6, 2022