Gregg Ibendahl

Farm Management, Finance, Production Economics

Associate Professor
Kansas State University

Gregg Ibendahl joined the faculty in fall 2012. Prior to joining the faculty, he served as an associate extension professor at Mississippi State University.  Gregg works primarily in the areas of agricultural production and finance.  He utilizes Kansas Farm Management Association data to provide research and analysis on cropping systems, machinery, and financial trends.

216 Waters Hall
Manhattan , KS  66506-4011
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Documents & Presentations by Gregg Ibendahl
Title Date Downloads
Growth Rates of KFMA Farm Assets and Equity July 11, 2018
Do Farms with a Higher Percentage of Debt Capital Pay Higher Interest Rates? June 8, 2018
Are Farms with More Debt Larger? April 20, 2018
Kansas Wheat Yield Outlook for 2018 - April 17 Update April 17, 2018
Is Net Farm Income Affected by Debt Level? April 16, 2018
Financial Tools For Producers

K-State agricultural economist Gregg Ibendahl talks about how producers can use two financial ratios to evaluate their economic status:  their return on assets and their return on equity. He has just put together analysis of how those ratios typically compare, which he says is important for producers to know.

April 12, 2018
Debt Levels of KFMA Farms April 12, 2018
Comparing Interest Rates Paid by Farmers April 10, 2018
Diesel Price Trends

Gregg Ibendahl goes over his latest analysis of diesel price trends, and when those prices tend to reach their highs and lows during the calendar year. He also offers his updated forecast on diesel prices for the remainder of 2018. 

April 10, 2018
Diesel Fuel Prices for 2018 April 5, 2018