Jesse Tack

Agricultural Production, Risk Management, Climate Change, Crop Insurance

Associate Professor

Documents & Presentations by Jesse Tack
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19. Forecasting Wheat Basis Using Soil Moisture Measurements August 1, 2019
Benefits of Genetically Engineered Corn

K-State agricultural economist Jesse Tack talks about his latest study of the adoption of genetically-modified corn over the last three decades, and how that technology has helped producers contend with changes in climatic patterns over that time...his work says that genetically-engineered corn has contributed favorably toward that end.

January 8, 2019
Study of Grain Sorghum Yields

K-State agricultural economist Jesse Tack and graduate researcher Noah Miller report on their new study which looked at the historical response of grain sorghum yields to warming temperatures in Kansas over the last 40 years...they determined the point at which higher temperatures start to erode yields, and examined the impact of planting sorghum earlier than normal on yield results.

August 15, 2018
17. Can Adjustment of Planting Dates Offset Warming Impacts for Kansas Sorghum Producers? August 1, 2018
18. Does Crop Insurance Enrollment Exacerbate the Negative Effects of Extreme Heat? A Farm-level Analysis August 1, 2018