Aleksan Shanoyan


Assistant Professor

304G Waters Hall
Manhattan , KS  66506
Documents & Presentations by Aleksan Shanoyan
Title Date Downloads
Farm Generations and Net Farm Income July 26, 2019
The KFMA Operator Database: A short note on age and experience of Kansas farmers July 1, 2019
Generations and Precision Cropping

Terry Griffin and Alex Shanoyan take a look at how the generational makeup of a farm impacts the rate that farm adopts new precision cropping technology...this is part of an ongoing, multi-layered analysis of farm management decisions made by the different farming generations, based on several years of Kansas Farm Management Association data.

June 25, 2019
Is Going Off the Grid Possible in the Age of Farm Data? September 27, 2017
Farm Diversification Study

K-State agricultural economist Alex Shanoyan reports on a new analysis of farm operation diversification and how it relates to the farm's financial resilience during difficult economic times...he will cover this in one of the breakout sessions at the Risk and Profit Conference this week at K-State.

August 15, 2017
5. Farm Diversification as an Adaptive Capability: Examining the Resilience of Kansas Farms August 1, 2017