Keith Harris


Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics. 

Documents & Presentations by Keith Harris
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The Old “Block” and Chain: How Farm Data Will Be Used on the Blockchain July 18, 2019
Blockchain Technology for Farm Data

K-State agricultural economist Keith Harris takes a look at the application of distributed ledger technology, commonly referred to as Blockchain, to farm data management...he and colleagues are currently researching the practical use of this technology for analyzing data as a means of verifying how crops and livestock are produced, which he says will ultimately benefit the producer.

July 16, 2019
Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Farm Data: Tracking Yield Monitor Data Changes With Blockchain July 3, 2019
Talent Management in Grain Merchandising | ACCC Fact Sheet #12

Link to ACCC Factsheet Series:

August 27, 2018
Career Plans for Grain Marketing Graduates

K-State agricultural economist Keith Harris talks about his studies of food production systems in the U.S., and a couple of research projects he's conducting...including one that is evaluating what college students in the field of grain marketing and merchandising are looking for as they embark on their careers.

February 28, 2018