Brian Briggeman

Agribusiness, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center

Professor, Agribusiness
Director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center
Kansas State University 

Brian Briggeman joined the faculty in fall 2011 as associate professor of agricultural economics and director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center. Briggeman earned his Bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from K-State in 2000. He received his master’s degree in agricultural economics in 2002 from Texas A&M University. In 2006, he completed his Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Purdue University. Prior to K-State, Briggeman worked as an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Omaha Branch.

305C Waters Hall
Manhattan , KS  66506-4011
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Documents & Presentations by Brian Briggeman
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Macroeconomic Trends and Interest Rates October 1, 2022
Macroeconomy and Interest Rates


September 1, 2022
Macroeconomic Update


August 1, 2022
4A - Macroeconomy Update August 1, 2022
17 - Dynamic Pro-Forma Tool for Kansas Farmer Cooperatives August 1, 2022
The Impact the Russia-Ukraine War is Having on the US Agricultural Economy

The director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center at K-State, agricultural economist Brian Briggeman, offers in-depth perspectives on the macroeconomic impact of the Russian war on Ukraine and the ensuing effect on the agricultural economy. He discusses how the Federal Reserve has responded with a scheduled series of modest hikes in interest rates, and offers thoughts on what agricultural producers can do to weather the economic uncertainty. 

March 23, 2022
Ukraine and Russian Conflict - Understanding Macroeconomic Effects


March 7, 2022
Farm Cooperatives and Fertilizer Prices

The director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center at K-State, Brian Briggeman, digs into a new analysis his center just finished, which looked at the soaring fertilizer price situation and how it's affecting the financial state of farm cooperatives. He talks about the data he used from the last time fertilizer prices spiked, and then plummeted, in the late 2000s as a benchmark for assessing the current financial vulnerability of various-sized cooperatives. 

January 13, 2022
Stress Testing Farmer Cooperatives: An Application to Fertilizer Inventories | ACCC Factsheet #17

Link to ACCC Factsheet Series:

January 13, 2022
The Anatomy of Cooperatives

The director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center at K-State, Brian Briggeman, and the chief executive officer of the Kansas Cooperative Council, Brandi Miller, reflect on the state of agricultural cooperatives in Kansas as another crop production year comes to a close, and they go over the seven principles by which cooperatives operate. 

October 26, 2021