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17 - Agriculture and Wildfire - Farmer Perceptions, Preparedness and Impacts August 1, 2023
Conservation Adoption Trends

K-State agricultural economist Jason Bergtold and student researcher Calder McCollum talk about the results of their in-person survey of Kansas farmers about their views on conservation practices, and what leads them to adopt, or not adopt, conservation measures in their crop production...they focused on four areas: continuous no-till, crop rotations, cover crops and variable rate input applications.

September 16, 2021
Perceived Perception Gaps between Adopters and Non‐Adopters of Benefits and Costs of Conservation Practices August 1, 2021
22. Perceptions About Conservation Practices On-Farm in Kansas August 1, 2018
Continuous No-Till Crop Production

K-State agricultural economists Jason Bergtold and Jeff Williams discuss their just-released study of the use and effects of continuous no-till crop production in Kansas. Via a number of workshops they conducted with Kansas Farm Management Association members, they gathered a wide range of observations on the perceived benefits of no-till cropping.

May 24, 2018
A Sample of Kansas Farm Management Association Members Use and Effects of Continuous No‐Tillage May 1, 2018
Kansas Farm Adoption of Embodied Knowledge and Information Intensive Precision Agriculture Technology Bundles December 7, 2017
Technology Decisions

Jason Bergtold, Terry Griffin and Noah Miller discuss tech trends identified in 17 years of KFMA data.

October 11, 2016
Kansas Farms Sequence of Information Intensive Precision Agriculture Technology Adoption in Bundles September 29, 2016
11. Adoption and Intensification of Conservation Practices, Risk and Policy