Eric Atkinson

Host: "Agriculture Today" on the K-State Radio Network. 

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2022's Biggest Ag Stories

A very special guest kicks off this program… that’s right, long-time voice of Agriculture Today, Eric Atkinson joins us for a year in review of 2022’s biggest agricultural stories.

December 20, 2022
Eric Atkinson Caps 39 Year Career as Host of Agriculture Today - Samantha Bennett Takes Over As Host of Agriculture Today

00:01:00 – Samantha Bennett Discusses Her Role as the New Host of Agriculture Today: Samantha Bennett shares her aspirations for the Agriculture Today program as both a radio broadcast and a podcast in the years ahead, continuing the mission of K-State's service to agriculture.

00:12:00 – The Driving Forces Behind the Success of Agriculture Today: Eric Atkinson reflects on the nearly century-long history of agricultural radio programming, the drivers behind its success, and the rich experience it's been in getting information out to agricultural producers and others in the industry.

00:23:00 – Final Thoughts from the Host of Agriculture Today: Eric Atkinson offers some final thoughts as he caps a nearly 40 year career as the host of Agriculture Today

June 10, 2022