Value Added Business Development Program

Assessing Business Opportunities

Title Author Date Downloads
A Note on Concept Notes January 1, 2016
Practical Strategies for Business Development in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments September 1, 2009
Writing RFP's: Requests for Proposal as Value-Extracting Tools April 1, 2004
Value Proposition Definition for Agricultural Value-Added Businesses March 1, 2004
Strategic Thinking for Agricultural Value-Added Businesses March 1, 2004
Developing a Business that Makes a Difference February 1, 2004
Opportunity Scoping December 1, 2003
The Governed Organization December 1, 2003
A Conversation about Value-Added Agriculture October 1, 2003
Options for Financing Agricultural Value-Adding Business May 1, 2003
Evaluating Agricultural Value-Adding Opportunities for Equity Participation May 1, 2003
Preparing for Agricultural Value-Adding Business Initiatives: First Things First May 1, 2003
Assessing the Feasibility of Business Propositions May 1, 2003
Strategic Business Planning for Agricultural Value-Adding Initiatives May 1, 2003

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