Initial Assistance Grants (IAG)

Kansas Cooperative Development Center Initial Assistance Grants

One form of assistance provided by the KCDC is an Initial Assistance Grant (IAG). One of the critical elements essential for creating new business ventures is professional services provided by legal, accounting and business consulting experts.  Getting a new business venture started and organized is often difficult because of a lack of funds. The IAG can provide for expenses incurred in obtaining legal, accounting, consulting and other business development expenses in new start-up businesses.  Eligible applicants must be a group or an association of agricultural producers. The IAG is available to applicants who can demonstrate that their business idea has the potential to profitably add value through processing or marketing of existing commodities or alternative crops and livestock.  Please contact the Kansas Cooperative Development Center to receive an IAG application and/or to answer additional questions.

IAG Recipient Stories  

Western Plains Energy, LLC

What was once an idea from a steering committee in western Kansas has blossomed into a company that recently celebrated the beginning of construction on a 30 million gallon ethanol plant in Campus, Kansas.  Western Plains Energy, LLC received IAG funds to help them get their ethanol production idea off the ground.  Click on the link below to view pictures of Western Plains Energy, LLC's ground breaking ceremony held on April 17, 2003. 

Earth Pals Compost

Earth Pals Compost has a commitment to produce "the highest quality compost possible."   Located south of Manhattan on Lower McDowell Creek Road, the group received an Initial Assistance Grant to help them purchase bookkeeping software, perform lab tests, provide educational materials and attend K-State's composting school.  For further information contact them by phone at 785.776.5392 or by email at


AgraMarke purchased a grain processing facility in St. Joseph, Missouri to add value to identity preserved grains raised by their members.  Their IAG was used to pay for legal expenses involved in the purchase of the facility.  For more information visit their website at or call 785.548.7690.

Central Kansas Renewable Fuels, LLC

Central Kansas Renewable Fuels, McPherson, KS, completed a feasibility study for an ethanol plant to add value to the area's corn and grain sorghum production.  They are in the process of conducting an equity drive.  For more information contact 620.694.9341. 

East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC

EKAE worked on the research and development of an ethanol production facility in Garnett, Kansas and completed a feasibility study.  They are processing through business establishment and an equity drive.  For more information visit their web site at www.ekaellc.comor call 785.448.2888.  

21st Century Alliance

21st Century Alliance is exploring new dairy processing and marketing opportunities for Kansas dairymen.  For more information contact 785.587.8798. 

Cooperative Agricultural Services, Inc. 

Cooperative Agricultural Services is conducting feasibility and marketing studies for a soybean processing plant in northwest Kansas.  For more information visit their web site at or call 785.672.3300.