Agribusiness Papers

Title Author Date Downloads
Equity Composition of Kansas Grain, Oilseed and Farm Supply Cooperatives - ACCC Factsheet January 10, 2013
Measuring Success in Marketing: Advertising Returns on Sunsweets Ones Prunes Brand - ACCC Factsheet September 14, 2012
Farmland Value Data: Implications of Survey Accuracy and Reliability - ACCC Factsheet July 26, 2012
Cooperative Members Preferences for Patronage Refunds May 23, 2012
Direct Marketing: Strategies and Opportunities February 25, 2012
Marketing Tools November 8, 2011
Basis Risk and (Cross) Hedging October 12, 2011
Near-Term Economic Outlook: Agri-Food Business Leaders' Perspectives October 4, 2011
Industry Situation Report Animal Feed Manufacturing July 8, 2011
Leading Entrepreneurs to their Dreams October 22, 2010
Near-Term Trajectories in Agri-Food: Implications for Business Strategy October 22, 2010
Purposeful Use of Technology among Young Kansans: A Descriptive Analysis September 30, 2009
Special Focus Areas and Professional Development Programming for K-State Extension Agents: A Survey November 1, 2008