Weekly Update Sponsorship

There is now an opportunity for companies to place their logo with a hyperlink to the company website on the weekly email update for AgManager.info. This update, from the K-State Agricultural Economics department, is sent to more than 10,000 email subscribers each week and provides information on research papers, grain and livestock outlook newsletters, new decision tools and radio interviews that have been recently posted to the site, as well as departmental events and conferences. Subscribers of the update include producers, ag lenders, insurance agents, and agribusiness managers. In addition to the direct subscribers, the update is forwarded to a national Extension list so it reaches even a wider audience. We have had a number of unsolicited comments from users telling us how much they appreciate and value the weekly update indicating it is something people take time to look at.

The sponsor logo will be placed in the right column of the four-column update, with a hyperlink directly to the company site. The locations and rates for a sponsor logo on this update are shown in the graphic below (not to scale). A minimum of four weeks’ sponsorship is required, though this need not be consecutive weeks. Discounts of 25% for long-term placement (15 weeks or more) are available. Additional charges apply if K-State must produce a logo or graphic.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Rich Llewelyn:  rvl@ksu.edu