Production Economics

Beef Cattle

Title Author Date Downloads
KSU-Beef Replacement

Excel spreadsheet to evaluate the economic value of purchasing replacement females

September 13, 2016
KSU-Beef Cow Lease (Simple)

An Excel spreadsheet for establishing a calf-income split or cash rental rate for leasing a beef cow herd

September 8, 2016
Cattle Breakeven Prices Yearling-Fed May 1, 2016
Cattle Breakeven Prices Calf-Yearling May 1, 2016
KSU-Bull vs AI Breeding Costs May 1, 2016

Excel spreadsheet for analyzing the cost of supplement programs for beef cattle

May 1, 2016
Is Adding Livestock the Solution to Profit Margins? A State and Regional Level Analysis December 1, 2015
Differences Between High-, Medium-, and Low-Profit Cow-Calf Producers

An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow-Calf Enterprise

December 1, 2015
Feed Costs: Pasture vs Non Pasture Costs

An Analysis of 2010-2014 Kansas Farm Management Association Cow Calf Enterprise

December 1, 2015
Benchmarking Situation and Practices of U.S. Stocker Operations December 1, 2015
Net Present Value of Beef Replacements -- Regional Analysis Summary November 1, 2013
Net Present Value of Beef Replacements -- Sensitivity Analysis Summary November 1, 2013
Beef Cow Leasing Arrangements February 1, 2013
Feedlot Costs of Vaccinating Cattle for E. coli December 1, 2012
Value of Gain Projections: Overview of Forecasts Accuracy September 1, 2012
KSU-Cow Wintering Costs -- Excel spreadsheet to estimate the costs of wintering cows or heifers November 1, 2011
Value of Gain: Current Situation and Overview of Available Decision Tools September 1, 2011
Evaluating Cattle Cycles: Changes Over Time and Implications September 1, 2011
K-State Feeder Cattle Price Analyzer

Excel spreadsheet examining factors impacting feeder cattle prices at auction markets

March 1, 2010
Factors Affecting Feeder Cattle Prices at Auction Markets November 1, 2009