Crop Insurance Papers and Information

"Insurance Implications for Late-Planted Corn" By Monte Vandeveer and Lucas Haag. May, 2017


"RMA Prevented Planting Insurance Provisions Due to Flood". USDA Risk Management Agency. May, 2017. 


"Crop Insurance Will Be at the Center of the 2019 Farm Bill Debate" By Art Barnaby and Levi Russell in Choices Magazine. September, 2016

Crop Insurance Papers

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Insurance Implications for Late-Planted Corn

The crop insurance “final planting date” for corn across most of Kansas is May 25.  Corn planted after this date faces a declining level of coverage.  For further details, check out the May 19 eUpdate from KSU’s Department of Agronomy, which also discusses research on one’s chances of avoiding freeze damage for late-planted corn.

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Monte Vandeveer, Southwest Area Economist, Garden City:

Lucas Haag, Northwest Area Crops and Soils Specialist, Colby:

May 19, 2017
Adjusted Gross Revenue-Lite on Beef Farms: Model Documentation December 16, 2013