Agribusiness Papers

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Sustainable Growth Rates for Cooperatives | ACCC Fact Sheet #11

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December 4, 2017
Influence of Shuttle Loaders on Grain Markets in Kansas and Montana | ACCC Fact Sheet #10

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August 29, 2017
Ag Lenders Survey (Fall, 2016) December 22, 2016
Monitoring the Evolving Kansas Cooperative Landscape: Mapping Grain Locations in Kansas | ACCC Factsheet #9

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September 14, 2016
Cooperative Earns, Turns, and Leverage: The DuPont Profitability Model - ACCC Factsheet #8 March 4, 2016
Effects of Collective Action Water Policy on Kansas Farmers Irrigation Decisions: The Case of the Sheridan County 6 LEMA January 27, 2016
Ag Lenders Survey (Spring, 2015) June 4, 2015
Ag Lenders Survey (Fall, 2014) January 28, 2015
Ag Lenders Survey (Spring, 2014) May 30, 2014
Future Consumers "Keep It Coming": Conversations of Possibility With the Canola Council of Canada May 19, 2014
Financial Trends and Needs of Cooperatives and Implications of Consolidation in the Farm Credit System February 11, 2014
Rising and Changing Costs of Production Agriculture - ACCC Factsheet August 2, 2013
Ag Lenders Survey (Spring, 2013) June 4, 2013
Equity Composition of Kansas Grain, Oilseed and Farm Supply Cooperatives - ACCC Factsheet January 10, 2013
Measuring Success in Marketing: Advertising Returns on Sunsweets Ones Prunes Brand - ACCC Factsheet September 14, 2012
Farmland Value Data: Implications of Survey Accuracy and Reliability - ACCC Factsheet July 26, 2012
Cooperative Members Preferences for Patronage Refunds May 23, 2012
Direct Marketing: Strategies and Opportunities February 25, 2012