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Top 10 Considerations for Navigating a Struggling Farm Economy March 30, 2017
Financial Benchmarking Tool

A tool to assess a farm's financial position relative to other similar farms in the same region. 

October 3, 2016
KSU-Farm Benchmarking Tool

Benchmarking tool to compare farm financial ratios to KFMA farms of similar scale and region

October 1, 2016
Income Tax Management in Low Income Years To Maximize After-Tax Income August 16, 2016
Cash Flow Sheet Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet to develop a cash flow statement to show cash-generating ability and cash requirements of the farm business

June 30, 2016
Income Statement Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet to organize farm records into a financial statement that measures net farm income or loss

June 30, 2016
10. An Introduction to Farm Payroll
13. Tax Planning Strategies
14. An Introduction to Farm Payroll
15. Farm Accounting with QuickBooks