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Crops: Publications

Marketing Publications

Title Author Bulletin/Date


The Cost of Forward Contracting Wheat in Kansas Taylor, Dhuyvetter and Tonsor November 11, 2013 Download
Measuring Success in Marketing: Advertising Returns on Sunsweet’s Ones Prunes Brand - ACCC Factsheet Boland and Crespi September 14, 2012 Download
The Price Responsiveness of U.S. Wheat Export Demand by Class
Presented at NCCC-134 Conference: St. Louis, MO.  
O'Brien and Olson April 16, 2012 Download
Grain Futures and Storage Hedging
MAST Presentation.
O'Brien September, 2009 Download
Regional Grain Market Competition Price Spreads & Transportation. 
MAST Presentation.
O'Brien September, 2009 Download
In Defense of Speculation Amanor-Boadu October, 2008 Download
Seasonality of Historical Grain and Oilseed Futures Prices:  Do Optimal Marketing Strategies Exist? Dhuyvetter and Kastens July, 2006 Download
Factors Influencing Wheat Basis in Kansas:
Focus on Salina
Jenna Tajchman April, 2005 Download
Incorporating Current Information into Historical-Average-Based Forecasts to Improve Crop Price Basis Forecasts Taylor, et al. April, 2004 Download
Cotton Marketing Basics Dumler, Duncan April, 2004 Download
Hedging Versus Forward Contracting for Wheat Taylor, Dhuyvetter and Kastens September, 2003 Download

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Grain Storage and Handling

Decision-Making Tools
Title Spreadsheet Author Excel Corresponding Paper PDF
On-Farm Storage Tool for estimating the costs of on-farm storage (updated July 2007) Dhuyvetter, et al.


Bulletin discussing the economics of and other issues related to constructing on-farm grain storage facilities (updated September 2007)


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Price Risk Publications

Title Author PDF
Buying Hedge with Futures Sartwelle, et al Download
Definitions of Marketing Terms Borchart, et al Download
Factors Affecting Option Premium Values Johnson, et al Download
Hedging with a Put Option Smith, et al Download
Introduction to Futures Markets Mintert, et al. Download
Introduction to Options Fincham, et al Download
Knowing and Managing Grain Basis Amosson, et al Download
Post Harvest Marketing Alternatives McCorkle, et al Download
Selling Hedge with Futures Sartwelle, et al Download
Technical Analysis: Alternatives to Chart Analysis Purcell Download
Technical Analysis of Commodity Markets: Emphasis on Bar Charts Purcell Download
The Window Strategy with Options McCorkle, et al Download
Using Options to Hedge Farm and Ranch Inputs Anderson, et al Download
Cross Hedging Agricultural Commodities Graff, et al Download
Basis: The Cash/Futures Price Relationship Dhuyvetter Download

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