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Bluestem Pasture Survey
Respond to the survey: WWW.TINYURL.COM/BLUESTEM17

When asked for your classification, enter "AgManager". 

The Bluestem Pasture Survey is used to collect information on Bluestem pasture use and practices. The survey asks about pasture availability, leasing rates, and fencing rates. Your response is important in providing reliable, accurate information to not only Kansas ranchers, but also to the agricultural community as a whole.

Respondents will be entered into a drawing for paid registration to the 2017 Risk and Profit Conference in Manhattan, Kansas, approximately a $200 value. Response to this survey is voluntary, and your response will be kept confidential. The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Only aggregate data will be used  for research. Please complete the survey by May 1, 2017. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or the Center at 785-532-3509.


Leah J. Tsoodle

Director, Agricultural Land Use Survey Center

March 21, 2017
2015-2016 Lease Workshop Presentation: Leasing 101: Cropland Leases February 1, 2016
2015-2016 Lease Workshop Presentation: Pasture Leases February 1, 2016
Ag Land Leasing Basics and Cover Crops November 17, 2014
Kansas Land Values and Rental Rates Webinar January 18, 2013
Projected Pasture Rental Rates for 2012 January 18, 2012
Frequently Asked Questions on Pasture Leases in Kansas October 21, 2011
Frequently Asked Questions on Crop Leases in Kansas May 24, 2011
Ethics of Leasing Agricultural Land September 1, 2006
Kansas Farm Lease Law January 1, 2005
Leasing Principles and Background December 1, 2003
Leasing Cropland December 1, 2003
Grazing Leases December 1, 2003
Livestock Leases December 1, 2003
Farm Building Leases December 1, 2003

Wind Energy Leases