Total Kansas ARC-CO Payments

Actual Payments are taken from Farm Service Agency's website HERE They reflect a per acre payment made on payment acres (85% of base acres in that commodity). Sequestration is not included.

Estimated ARC-CO payments for 2016/17will be posted when NASS county yields are released.  For MYA price estimates, clickHERE

Click "Full Screen" in the lower right to see a larger version of the map. Hover your cursor over the county of interest to see more detail. Use the dropdown menu on the left side of the map to select your State Name and Yield Type.  Yield type may be Irrigated, Non-Irrigated, or ALL.  Click on the + key in the upper left side of the map to increase map size or click on the arrow located on the control menu and the adjoining menu pops up.  Then Click on the little square box inside the adjoining popup menu and move the cursor over the user’s selected state and highlighted it.  After one releases their mouse key the program will expand the selected state map so one can pick their county.  Left-click and hold on the map and drag your state to the center of the screen.  Repeat the procedure if one wants to expand the size of a county or part of a state (Figure 7).  More details on the estimated payments and how to run the map programs can be found HERE.

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