2012 Risk and Profit Conference Presentations

August 16-17, 2012 Manhattan, KS



General Sessions

Breakout Sessions

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1. Macroeconomic Instability: To Be Continued?
2. The Effects of the Federal Reserve System in U.S. Agriculture
3. Currencies, The Euro, Exchange Rates, and Other Ways to Lose Your Assets
4. The Economic, Legal, and Tax Implications of An Oil Lease
5. Farm Bill Programs and Crop Insurance: Part 1
6. Farm Bill Programs and Crop Insurance: Part 2
7. Proactive Spread Hedging
8. Forward Contracting Basis
9. Bio-Energy's Impact on U.S. and World Grain and Feed Markets
10. An Introduction to Farm Payroll
11. Consumer Response to Changes in Meat Prices: A Comparison of Retail Scanner and BLS Data
12. Benchmarking Industry Self-Perceptions Regarding Animal Welfare
13. Livestock and Meat Price Discovery: Where did it go? Does it matter? What now?
14. Kansas Land MarketAre There Lessons to Learn From the 80s?
15. Comparison of Agriculture in the 1970s with Today
16. Myth Busters: Land Use Value Appraisal Debunked
17. Conservation Systems Adoption and Development: Focus Group Workshop
18. Economic Impact of Water Use Changes in Southwest Kansas